ralph nader; gloria steinem; xander patterson; johnny frigo; stephane grapelli; anarchy; lane county; campaign finance reform; oregon country fair; john stamp; joani blank; topless women; lacrosse; co-housing; cohousing; school choice; school closure; charter schools; whiteaker elementary; eugene, oregon; ben sharvy; KLCC

some radio stories I did, as a volunteer at KLCC in Eugene, OR

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  1. Getting to hiking spots with public transportion. (2000-ish) [8:13]
  2. Two views of Ralph Nader (2000 Presidential campaign)
  3. Campaign Finance Reform (2000) [5:43]
  4. Jazz violin: Johnny Frigo, in tribute to Stephane Grapelli (2000) [8:44 + trailer]
  5. Got Anarchy? Eugene, OR (1999-2001)
  6. Oregon Country Fair (OCF) (2000)
  7. Men's Lacrosse (1999) [7:11]
  8. Co-housing ...Joani Blank and Marty Henner interview (1998-ish) [7:10]
  9. School Closure, School Choice ...Whiteaker Elementary (2001) [8:32]

3. Excuse-making: I voiced this coming out of a nasty flu/fever. Original lead lost; read here by a friend.
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