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how to kill dandelions safely?

From: Scott & Liz Vance <taxman@sprynet.com>
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Subject: Re: how to kill dandelions safely? Reply-To: taxman@sprynet.com

At the risk of wrath from certain people on here (ahem!) I will publicly admit that I, too, like dandelions. It's so nice to look out the kitchen window and see all these little yellow dots in my yard! Granted, the grass isn't much to write home about (this is the first year in the house, and since we're roofing and painting, we decided to wait till we're done), but the yellow flowers sure do perk it up a bit. I remember making dandelion wine with my dad when I was around 12 - it was a lot of fun, and a nice way to spend some time together.


> > Please, folks..name one bad thing about dandelions. There leaves are no
> > more unattractive than oriental poppies. Why do people hate them so much
> > when they have to be one of the most nutritous and medicinally benifical
> > of plants? Honey bees love them..they have deep roots that help bring
> > nutrients to the soil surface. They are drought tolerant..not heavy
> > feeders. They are resistant to disease. One of natures more remarkable
> > gifts, yet shunned. Can you think of a better reason than Bob's as to
> > why people hate them so much? Foolishness. Do green and yellow clash?
> > Polka-dot yards aren't trendy?
> >
> They want a monocultured green lawn with absolutely nothing else growing
> with it. That's what everyone else has. Aren't you glad you're different?
> "When you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause
> and reflect." Mark Twain
> Kevin Burns

How do you make dandelion wine

Subject: Re: How do you make dandelion wine
Date: Tue, 19 May 1998 19:59:47 -0600
From: Mike and Pam Petruchik <pet@planet.eon.net>

Here is my Grandma's old receipe

Dandelion Wine 3 qts. Dandelions (flowers only) 1 gal. Boiling water 3 lbs. white sugar 2 lemons 2 oranges 1/2 pkg. of yeast 1 cup Raisins Pour boiling water over flowers. Let stand 24 hrs. Strain.
Add sugar,lemons and oranges. Boil 10 min. strain and add raisins and yeast (yeast when cool) place yeast on a piece of toast and float it on the liquid. Let stand approximately 2 weeks.Strain Bottle loosely(rack in secondary fermentator)until stable Store in cool place for 6 month

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