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Wilted Rosa Rugosa

From: "Nick LaRocca" <poly_math@*hot*mail.com>
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Subject: Re: Wilted Rosa Rugosa

Damsel in dis Dress <carol-arie@dacmail.net> wrote in article <355c8028.43395165@news.newsguy.com>...
> We put in a new flower garden about a week ago, and moved two
> established, but small, Rosa Rugosa rose shrubs. They're badly wilted,
> and the leaves are now becoming crunchy. Have I lost these shrubs, or
> are they just doing poorly on a short-term basis, because of being
> transplanted? It's fine with me if they don't bloom this year, as long
> as they come back healthy next year.
> Thanks for any advice or encouragement!
> Carol

IME, rugosas roses are susceptible to drying out after being transplanted, especially when transplanted late as you did.

Strange behavior from a shrub that, once established, shrugs off drought and dry, sandy soil, but there it is. Perhaps it has something to do with a compromised root system, which tends to range far and wide in older plants.

Anyway, they have to be mulched and watered until they are well established. I can't say whether your plants are redeemable or not, but if they don't put out new leaves soon, it's not a good sign.

-- Nick - NJ - Zone 7a

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