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Rhubarb recipes?

From: lparker@uniserve.com (Scott Parker)
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Subject: Re: Rhubarb recipes?

sarahedp@worldnet.att.net (Ellen Russo) wrote:

>Does anyone have some good rhubarb recipes to share? Our rhubarb is
>big and ready to be picked.

There's a site on the Web with lots of information on rhubarb, including over 300 recipes. It's called the Rhubarb Compendium and it's at: http://www.clark.net/pub/dan/rhubarb/

Scott http://users.uniserve.com/~lparker/ (short stories & puzzles)

From: woolf@nospamhowl.demon.co.uk (Jenny)
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Subject: Re: Rhubarb recipes? Reply-To: woolf@nospamhowl.demon.co.uk

How about this recipe: 3 large sticks rhubarb 3 large pieces of preserved ginger in syrup 3/4 cup sugar 1 cup flour 2 oz butter (about 1 stick) or margarine

Keep the butter out of the fridge so it is soft. crumble it in with the flour till it looks like fine breadcrumbs. If it sticks together add more flour. Mix it with 1/2 cup of sugar. Set aside.

Then cut the rhubarb into pieces about 1 inch long and put it in a medium size ovenproof dish. Slice the ginger and put that in with the rhubarb. Put 1/4 cup of the sugar over it. I also like to add a little bit of molasses sugar, (dark brown sugar)

Cover it with the flour mixture. Add a small amount of water, say 6 tablespoons full. Bake in a medium oven for half an hour or until it is brown on the top.

This is really very nice and very simple to make. It takes longer to write it than it does to do it!!

-- Jenny (To email me remove "nospam" from address)

Rhubarb recipe

From: "Kate Coombs" <Kate.Coombs@MindSpring.com>
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Subject: Rhubarb recipe

>Does anyone have some good rhubarb recipes to share?

Rhubarb Butter Crunch

Combine next 3 ingredients in a 9 x 9 baking dish that has been sprayed with cooking spray or coated with butter.

3 cups of rhubarb 1 cups of sugar 3 tablespoons of flour


1 cup of brown sugar 1 cup of oatmeal 1 1/2 cups flour 1/2 cup of butter

Mix the topping ingredients together and sprinkle on top of the rhubarb.

Bake at 375 degrees for about 40 minutes

From: mathled@aol.com (Mathled)
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Subject: Re: Rhubarb recipe

>>Does anyone have some good rhubarb recipes to share?

Last year I put a few rhubarb recipes on a web page. I just checked and all the links worked fine, so here's the url:-


Hope you enjoy them. Pam


RHUBARB--Let it go to seed??

From: Bryan Dawe <bdawe@netcom.ca>
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Subject: Re: RHUBARB--Let it go to seed?? Reply-To: bdawe@netcom.ca

Try this site...everything you would probably ever want to know. http://www.clark.net/pub/dan/rhubarb/ Personally, I get my Spring pickings done removing the seeds for the first few weeks then I've usually had enough and let it go to seed. Bryan

TedBee wrote:

> I'm a gardner that doesn't know an awful lot about Rhubarb. When I was a kid
> it just grew and we had plenty of Rhubarb so I never paid attention.
> The last two years I've brokemn off the seed stalk and my Rhubarb has not
> done well.
> Is it just a coincidence or should I leave the seed stalk alone? I'm
> hoping there is a
> Rhubarb expert on line to help me out.
> Thanks a lot for any help---Ted

Increasing rhubarb production by proper harvesting?

From: dodiemjc@aol.com (DodieMJC)
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Subject: Re: Increasing rhubarb production by proper harvesting?

>Is there a trick to harvesting rhubarb to help increase the yield (and to
>not weaken the plant)?

I'm not sure how much you already know, but you're supposed to yank the stems from the base, not cut them. Also, when the flower stalk appears, yank that too so that you can continue to pull stems for a longer period. Supposedly, once it flowers, it's no longer good to eat. Last summer, I took some in late July (zone 4) and it tasted fine but some of it was rather fibrous. That's all I know. MJ

Rhubarb where to plant

From: Judah Greenblatt <judah@bbt.com>
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Subject: Re: Rhubarb where to plant

I grew rhubarb in almost full shade in Connecticut and it did just fine. A second patch in full sun never grew well.

I'd recommend partial to full shade for rhubarb, deep, rich soil, and plenty of water during the dry summer months.

Actually, the best rhubarb patch I ever had was directly over the leach field of the septic tank, in almost full shade under oak trees. The plants were huge (stems over 1 foot long, and 2" wide, leaves 18" in diameter)

(yes, I know there are probably problems with bacterial or heavy metal contamination growing a food plant over a leach field, but it was worth the risk for the rhubarb/strawberry sauce my mom would make each summer. The secret was to add a little baking soda to cut the tartness.)
-- Judah Greenblatt judah@bbt.com 919-405-4716 BroadBand Technologies, Durham, NC

rhubarb & strawberry wine

From: wineguru95@aol.com (Wineguru95)
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Subject: Re: rhubarb & strawberry wine

>does anybody have a recipe for rhubarb & straberry wine. this sounds like a
>mouthwatering combination.

Yes, I've been making rubarb-strae=wberry for several years.The following has won seveeral prizes at State Fair competition

No precise recipe but I will give you my strategy... cold leach about 4 to 5 lbsof rubarb per gal of water. Set for 3-4 days. Leach off liquid. Add Yeast - Epernay 2. Ferment to dryness. Rack.

Churn 3-4 llb strawberries in blender per 5 gal. Add to rubarb.

Clarify with Sparloloid . Sorbate at 1.1g/gal. Adjust acid to about .8TA add about 5% sugar. Enjoy !


From: see@my.sig (Grasshopper -- Don Buchan)
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Subject: Re: rhubarb & strawberry wine

>does anybody have a recipe for rhubarb & straberry wine. this sounds like a
>mouthwatering combination.


oxalic acid

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From: arnet@PROBLEM_WITH_INEWS_GATEWAY_FILE (arne thormodsen)
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David Furlong (wine@nbnet.nb.ca) wrote:

Oxalic acid has a unique affinity for calcium (this is what makes it poisonous). If you added just enough calcium to neutralize it you would be OK. But outside of a chemistry lab I'm not sure how you could determine the right amount. Maybe someone else knows.


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From: wineguru95@aol.com (Wineguru95)
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Subject: Re: oxalic acid

>Some books recommend that this acid must be removed from rhubarb wine, even
>though it's concentrated mainly in the leaves. The recommended procedure is
>to neutralize it with calcium carbonate.
>1) Is this necessary?
>2) If I neutralize the oxalic acid, won't I also neutalize the other acids,
>and therefore have to replace them, a procedure not mentioned in the books?

I have made Rubarb wine with good sucess for several years & have never used calcium Carbonate. What I have done is do a cold leaching process on the rubarb stalks for a few days...then I ferment...acidity is generally low...then I blend with strawbewrry or current ...Several awards is state competition...

Key is to measure the acidity & keep it at reasonable levels...I target .8 TA or so...


From: schmitt100@aol.com (Schmitt100)
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Subject: rhubarb

For those of you who want to experiment and try new things with all of that rhubarb growing in your gardens (as well as learn more than you ever wanted to about growing it, the different varieties, etc.), check out the Rhubarb Compendium http://www.clark.net/pub/dan/rhubarb/ - over 300 recipes! Have fun!

(by the way, NEVER fertilize rhubarb - my husband decided to pour some fish emulsion on it early this spring - it tripled in size in a week! However, friends and neighbors loved the gift of a pound of fresh rhubarb!) Rebecca

So many books, so little time

Rhubarb wine

From: (see@my.sig) (Grasshopper -- Don Buchan)
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Subject: Re: Rhubarb wine

>Kan anyone give me a good recepie on rhubarb wine, the season is here right


From: snewport@pavilion.co.uk (Steve Newport)
Newsgroups: rec.crafts.winemaking
Subject: Re: Rhubarb wine Reply-To: snewport@pavilion.co.uk

I have just make three lots.

Take 3 LB rhubarb and cut into small pieces and place in a large bowl. Cover with 3 LB of sugar and cover. Leave to stand for three days (everything is done in threes !?)

Once the sugar has extracted all the juice take the syrup and place in demijohn and top up with water. Add yeats and do your stuff !

As an interesting note I got excellent results by placing the rhubarb in a food processor prior to adding the sugar and chopping up finely. This ensured that I got a lot more juice than other batches and has given a beautifully coloured and flavoured wine.

Some recipes call for up to 5 LBs of rhubarb per gallon.

Let me know how you get on. It is my favourite.

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