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moonglow pears

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In article <6jam6h$h70$1@newsd-132.iap.bryant.webtv.net>, mombo2u@webtv.net (joyce brown) writes:

>I recently purchased 2 moonglow pear trees do I need a different
>variety to make them produce fruit? I have called the different plant
>stores in my area and they were unsure. I live in zone 8 I would
>appreciate any info.

Almost all pear varieties are self-unfruitful, so need a pollenizer, which can be any other pear variety that blooms at the same time. There are many links to articles on pear pollenizers (and pollinators - make sure you have bees!) on the web page below.

You can use a bouquet of pear blossoms from another variety in a pail of water to supply pollen for bees, or you can hand pollinate with pollen from another variety, if you do not have a pollenizer tree.

Here's a good article from a link on our web page: http://www.ento.vt.edu/Fruitfiles/bees.html

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