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>What ways can a pomegranate be propigated? I have both a dwarf and standared pomegranate and I would like to propigate a few new plants off them for some friends. The dwarf one acts like it wants to tip root. Do pomegranits do that? I was thinking of trying layering. Any help would be much appriciated.<

Yes pomegranates are easy to propagage from cuttings. Attached is an excerpt from the California Rare Fruit Growers Fruit Fact on Pomegranate relating to propagation. You can read the entire Fruit Fact at: http://www.crfg.org/pubs/frtfacts.html.

Don Gholston

>>Propagation: The pomegranate can be raised from seed but may not come true. Cuttings root easily and plants from them bear fruit after about 3 years. Twelve to 20 inches long cuttings should be taken in winter from mature, one-year old wood. The leaves should be removed and the cuttings treated with rooting hormone and inserted about two-thirds their length into the soil or into some other warm rooting medium. Plants can also be air-layered but grafting is seldom successful.

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