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Oregano growing and harvesting

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Subject: Re: Oregano growing and harvesting

On Tue, 16 Jun 1998 18:56:09 GMT, ken@usefulweb.com (Ken Elwert) wrote:

>My wife and I have an oregano plant that has developed yellow leaves
>with brown spots towards the bottom of the plant.

>Also, if this is an appropriate questions, when is it appropriate to
>harvest the leaves for use in cooking?

I get that also, and it's nothing to worry about. If you cut stems for drying new growth comes out and the herb gets bushier. I cut mine down to the ground about now, before it starts flowering. I strip off any yellowed leaves, rubber band about 6 stems together and hang upside down to dry. In a few weeks when the leaves are dry I strip off the leaves and place in a container.

The plant recovers with new growth and looks good again.

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From: redwitch04@aol.com (RedWitch04)
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Subject: Re: Oregano growing and harvesting

Harvest your oregano any time you like. You should do it either in the early morning or later in the evening. I take off my oregano plants all year round whenever I want to toss some into whatever I'm making at the moment. Also you can make a good oregano cooking oil with it.

If you don't preferr fresh oregano you can probably get two harvests out of it. For the first harvest take 25% of the plant, if your plant(s) small then you might want to wait until towards the end of the season and only do one harvest.
Hang upside down to dry in a fairly cool dust free place. Beth The Truth is Out There


From: Sheryl Nance-Durst <sherylnd@sound.net> Reply-To: sherylnd@sound.net
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Subject: Re: Oregano

MC1961 wrote:
> Hi,
> I've had oregano in a box in my window for a few months and
> now it's got no flavor.
> Any suggestions of what I did wron? (There is also sage in the
> box and that flavor is fine).

What kind of oregano did you plant? And did it have any flavor to begin with?

If it has just recently lost its flavor then it could be because it flowered. A lot of herbs tend to taste different after they flower.

If it never had any flavor, then you probably planted the wrong kind of oregano. There are several plants & seeds that are sold under the name "oregano". Most people seem to think that Greek oregano has the best flavor. (In addition, a lot of the seed that is sold as plain oregano is completely tasteless. The best way is to buy the oregano as a small plant when you can taste a little bit of the leaves before you buy it.)

Sheryl Nance-Durst sherylnd@sound.net

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