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Ughhh!!! Picking Mullberry Stems...My Fingers Hurt!

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Subject: Re: Ughhh!!! Picking Mullberry Stems...My Fingers Hurt!

In article <6lajl2$fr$1@news1.fast.net>, hertzler@fast.net says...
>I recently purchased a house with waht I believe is a red mullberry tree in
>the back yard. I've picked several quarts so far which is the easy part.
>The most difficult part seems to be separating the stems from the berries.
>My fingers are quite sore after cleaning about 4 quarts. Does anyone know
>any easy tricks for removing mullberry stems without crushing the berries

If you are going to use them for jellies or eating out-of-hand, you don't need to stem them. As for jams, I'd make a seedless jam using a food-mill to catch the stems and seeds.

I freeze them whole to preseve them, stem on. When they are partly thawed you might be able to pull the stems without crushing.

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Mulberry Wine or Mead

From: pollinator@aol.com (Pollinator)
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Subject: Re: Mulberry Wine or Mead

From: lpndora@aol.com (LPndora)

>I am trying to find a recipe to make preferably a Mulberry Honey Mead or at
>least a sweet Mulberry Wine using fresh berries. I have 3 trees with berries
>ripening away, and would like to make them useful.
>I am a newbie at this btw.

Mulberries are kind of bland (no tartness at all) and honey will not help this. I would mix in another fruit with a little zing to it and it will be delicious. It's kind of like thowing in some crab apples or wild apples into your cider mix.

We used to freeze fruit juices just for such blending. If you don't have anything else available, lemon juice would help.

Hope you can keep ahead of the birds......

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