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FIG - Fruit problems

From: Andrew James Ferguson <ac.ferguson@zetnet.co.uk>
Newsgroups: rec.gardens
Subject: FIG - Fruit problems

I purchased a fig last Autumn and it has been in my heated greenhouse since. Its planted in pot and I feed it weekly with a balanced soluable fertilizer. It has grown considerably and started to develop fruits in January. The fruits are about the size of my small finger nail. The problem is that they keep going shrivelled and falling off.

I believe it will fruit again in Summer but I don't want to loose the second crop in the same way. What am I doing wrong to cause fruit drop?

Suggestions would be greatly apprecaiated

Thanks in advance

Caroline Ferguson

AT: ac.ferguson@zetnet.co.uk
Darlington, England.

From: appaz200m@aol.com (APPAZ200M)
Newsgroups: rec.gardens
Subject: Re: FIG - Fruit problems

>Caroline Ferguson writes.....

>I purchased a fig last Autumn

Caroline, throw the fig tree in the garbage while you still can. I have one in my back yard that is 40' tall and the "fruit" is still dropping. It is the messiest tree in the yard.

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