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feijoa wine- help please

From: wnet5137@waikato.ac.nz (Margaret Parkes)
Newsgroups: rec.crafts.winemaking
Subject: feijoa wine- help please Reply-To: wnet5137@waikato.ac.nz

Hi, this is my first contact with a newsgroup and my first effort at winemaking. We had a quantity of feijoas and obtained some recipes but none of them were at all precise. We cut up about 7lbs of fruit, covered with water (plus some raisins and MBS) and left for a couple of days. Strained and added 2kg sugar disolved in 2pts water and 4tsp citric acid. Made a starter bottle with a sachet of wine yeast and now have everything bubbling away with gusto!

Now the problem is that we appear to have about 10pts or a bit less than 5ltrs in the barrel and wonder if this is too concentrated. One of the recipes says to put it in a jar and top up with water but there is no mention of what size jar!!

Should we add more water, and if so, how much and when??

Would appreciate any help you can offer, thanks Margaret

Propagating Fejoia

From: yasure@asif.com (yosef surez)
Newsgroups: rec.gardens.edible
Subject: Re: Propagating Fejoia

Feijoas are easy if you take the cuttings in winter & treat them with IBA @ 4000ppm & put them either right in the ground if you have a mild humid climate of in a mist bed or best a fog house....the plastic bag over the pot method works too.......twiggy previous seasons growth works best ...old woody short slow growing shoots work worst....in between works in between.

"Lap T. Hoang" <hoang@eng.fsu.edu>
>I'd appreciate your advice and info on how I could propagate this plant .
>Thanks. Lap Hoang

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