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saskatoons and birds

From: falk@arc.ab.ca (Alfred Falk)
Newsgroups: rec.gardens.edible
Subject: Re: saskatoons and birds

In article <357221b1.0@news1.ottawa.cyberus.ca>, "wayne R Jones" <w.jones@cyberus.ca> wrote:
>Last year I lost my first crop of saskatoons to the birds just before they
>were ripened to my satisfaction. Any ideas on how to keep the birds away
>this fall?

They'll be gone long before fall. Saskatoons usually ripen late July. Netting is the only thing I've ever heard of that works. If you use netting, watch out that birds don't get tangled in it.

Gardening for wildlife

From: E. McCullough (ac391@FreeNet.Carleton.CA)
Subject: Re: Gardening for wildlife
Newsgroups: rec.gardens
Date: 1996/11/04

My very favourite bush for birds, as well as everything else, is serviceberry. Russian olive, and juniper, with berries on it, have also brought in cardinals and cedar waxwings. Cosmos seeds are very popular with finches. Various types of milkweed help with butterflies, as do golden rod and sedum. I certainly am not looking to attract any four footed wildlife, but there are many other items that bring in the birds, including evergreens, and other shelter bushes. You might also get assistance in the bird group. Liz Nepean ON CDN4/USDA4

silver (" silver"@northcoast.com) writes:
> ASUE69 wrote:
>> Is anyone interested in gardening to attract birds and wildlife to your
>> yard? Are you familiar with any group on the net that discusses this
>> topic? Thanks!
> I'd love this info too! reply to this newsgroup or email appreciated!
> silver@northcoast.com
> yrs. hiyo

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